Video shows customer bashing NYC store manager with helmet over $30 bill

Video captured the moment a man attacked a NYC store manager in Queens with a helmet before throwing a scooter battery through the building's window.

Santana Rodriguez is the store manager at FLY E-BIKE at 42nd Street and Broadway in Sunnyside – "He started fighting with my mechanic."

Rodriguez says the fight then spilled out onto to the sidewalk, where the 34-year-old suspect cracked him in the head with his helmet. 

The store mechanic then ran out and hit the suspect in the arm with a metal object. 

"He want to kill me," Rodriguez said. "He want to kill the other guy. He said later when he get out of jail he want to come back and fight again."

The violence did not stop there. Surveillance video also showed the customer throwing the helmet two more times at the store. The woman, who was believed to be his wife, tried to get him to stop.  

He then got his scooter battery and smashed it through the store window as police arrived. The owner of the thrift shop across the street witnessed the chaos.

"He was yelling and yelling and yelling," Ingrid Hirschenbrunner said. "He was so angry."

She watched as the suspect resisted arrest, wrestling with two police officers, and rolling around on the sidewalk before breaking free and running down the block. Police chased and arrested the man.  

The store manager said all of it started over a $30 scooter repair bill.

"Very, very crazy time," Rodriguez said.

The suspect is in custody and charges are pending at the time. The two officers involved were taken to hospital with minor injuries.