Violent robbers targeting Manhattan newsstand workers: NYPD

A gang of robbers is targeting Manhattan newsstands, using threats and violence to coerce workers into shelling out cash from registers and handing over personal property, according to the NYPD.

Police said at least four men are suspected to be involved in nine separate incidents from Monday, Jan. 1, through Thursday, Jan. 11.

They've robbed workers of at least eight newsstands in Midtown and the Financial District and one food truck on the Upper East Side, police reported.

During the robberies, which all took place between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., the suspects pushed workers to the ground, brandished knives, and even punched one victim. At least four workers were injured, and two were treated at local hospitals.

Three of the suspects are described as having a dark complexion, and the fourth is described with a light complexion.

Here's what we know about the reported incidents:

Jan. 1: Broadway between W 54th and W 55th Streets

Three men approached a 70-year-old male newsstand worker, pushed him to the ground and took $750.

Jan. 2: Third Avenue between E 56th and E 57th Streets

Three men pushed a 27-year-old female newsstand worker to the ground and took her cell phone.

Jan. 2: Broadway and W 58th Street

Three men displayed a knife to a 59-year-old male newsstand worker and took $250 from the cash register.

Jan. 5: Second Avenue between E 79th and E 80th Streets

Two men approached a 40-year-old woman working in a food truck, pushed her to the ground, and took $200, headphones, a debit card and a purse.

Jan. 7: Broadway and W 54th Street

Two men approached a 53-year-old man, held him to the back of a newsstand and removed $5,000 from the cash register. The man was treated a Mount Sinai with minor injuries.

Jan 9: Broadway between W 49th and W 50th Streets

Two men took $70 from a newsstand cash register, and the 58-year-old male worker sustained minor injuries.

Jan. 11: Rector Street and Trinity Place

Three men pushed a 50-year-old male newsstand worker to the ground and took $3,200 from the cash register and his pockets.

Jan. 11: Church Street between Barclay Street and Park Place

Three men displayed a knife to a 45-year-old male newsstand worker and removed $2,800 from the cash register. The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Jan. 11: Broadway between W 38th and W 39th Streets

Three men approached a 31-year-old male newsstand worker and punched him in the face before removing $3,000 from the cash register.