NYC company's organic dog-grooming products

A 2017 Parsons graduate has come up with her own organic pet care brand that can help spare dogs from the dreaded summer shave. In fact, Kibble Pet's motto is "Just say no to shaving."

Samantha Kent created the line of all natural, organic dog shampoos, detanglers, waterless shampoo, and wipes to help pet parents deal with some basic problems.

Kent has two golden doodles who love swimming and getting muddy and couldn't find products that could properly detangle their fur. Her miracle de-matter does the trick. Just spray it on your pet, rub it through with your hands, and brush.

The entire line is cruelty-free, organic, and plant-based, with none of the chemicals that irritate dog fur and skin. Kent says she really wanted to take out all of the harsh soaps, toxins, parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, and even formaldehyde, which is often used as a preservative in some dog products. She also added a bunch of natural and organic ingredients, including a complex of coconut and organic argan oil, which is exclusive to the silky coat line.

Kibble Pet's brand-new wipes get grime and allergens off your pet and keep them out of your house. Kent says they're fantastic, especially in New York City. They're a great alternative to antibacterial wipes, which, Kent says, are too harsh and will end up irritating a dog's paws more than helping.

Samantha graduated from Parsons this month and designed the line while she was a student. She started the company last year and has done everything from product development and testing to revising all the formulas to be sure everything was perfect. She even designed all the packaging and handles marketing and branding.

Kibble Pet first launched with e-commerce and is now available in specialty stores, including Dog & Co. in the TurnStyle Shops at Columbus Circle, which offers two fragrances from Kibble Pet: warm vanilla and amber as well as aloe vera and honey.

Kent also donates 5 percent of her proceeds in the form of products to animal adoption centers and shelters to help pets in need.