Burgers with that unleaded fuel? A gas station enters the burger game in the West Village

Just being a gas station in Manhattan these days qualifies as unique, as there are so few of them left.

But something even more extraordinary is happening at the Mobil gas station at 8th Avenue and Horatio Street in the West Village. It can be summed up with the simple sound of sizzling.

The definition of "fueling up" at this station has been elevated with the recent opening of Smacking Burger. The brainchild of Tommy Hondros, who owns the gas station, says it's an idea inspired by his lifelong love of cheeseburgers. Hondros recalls his first taste at just nine months old.

"My mother gave me my first quarter pounder with cheese, and I ate it. Ever since then, I’ve loved cheeseburgers," Hondros told FOX 5 NY.

Now, Hondros is sharing his passion with New Yorkers in several forms: the Classic Burger, the Big Smack, the Oklahoma and the All the Way. It also might be a crime to forget to mention the freshly made fries.

The approach seems to be working, as the gas station burger joint has been igniting a reaction among New Yorkers.