NY attorney general clears cops in Taser death

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York's attorney general has cleared police in a Hudson Valley town of criminal wrongdoing in the death of a man subdued with a Taser in November 2015.

The special prosecutors say evidence, including civilian and police accounts, shows force by officers in Carmel was justified by 38-year-old Joseph Seguin's violent resistance after they found him attacking a woman.

He eventually locked his hands beneath his body to prevent being handcuffed, was shot with a Taser dart and electroshocked eight times in 91 seconds before being subdued.

The Putnam County coroner attributed his death to "cardiac arrest during excited state, while under the influence of phencyclidine, after being Tasered and handcuffed."

Phencyclidine can cause hallucinations.

The report recommends Carmel police reconsider Taser use with people under the influence of drugs.