No water? No problem! Man uses spray from water main break to prep for first date

A first impression can only be made once. That was the thinking behind a video taken Friday in Roswell which shows a young man using a massive water main break to take a shower for a first date.

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Oliver Yowell is seen in his bathing suit clutching body wash, shampoo and conditioner wash with using the spray of a water main break to bathe before his big night.

Yowell would have been able to take a shower in his own home, but that same water main break prevented that, so the young man decided to go to the source of the problem to fix the problem.


Contractors working for the city of Roswell struck the water main off of Pine Grove Road knocking out water service to about a hundred homes

Julian Yowell sent FOX 5 News video and photos of the incident. He said Oliver, an Eagle Scout and student at UGA double majoring in finance and horticulture, knew the young lady since high school and wasn’t about to let the opportunity to be on a date with her pass again. So, he took matters into his hands.

No word yet on how Oliver’s date went or if there will be a potential for a second date, but the water will be restored by then. Officials believe the water main break will be fixed by the end of the weekend.