NJ high school football player dies after suffering head injury during game

Xavier McClain

A New Jersey community is dealing with heartbreak after a high school football player died weeks after suffering a head injury during a football game.

Xavier McClain was injured after sustaining a blow as he returned a kickoff for Linden High School during a game on Sept. 9th against Woodbridge.

Linden Mayor Derek Armstead announced the death in a social media post.

"I am heartbroken and still having a hard time processing this tragic loss," he wrote.

Armstead's family is friends with the McClain family.

"Norm and Lisa are trying to figure out where to begin, not an easy task.  They are devastated and distraught having to now plan their beloved son’s funeral. Please be patient! They will need our help. But whatever we do as a community will be with their consent and approval. Thank you for understanding," Armstead posted.