New York unveils Sept. 11 commemorative license plate

New York has unveiled a new license plate that commemorates Sept. 11, 2001, and raises money for scholarships for 9/11 families.

The plate design features "NEW YORK" in yellow print over a field of light blue stars at the top; "9-11-01" in blue print and "NEVER FORGET" in red print above a truncated American flag and silhouettes of civilians and first responders on the left; and "United We Stand" in red script at the bottom.

The creation of the plate was apparently delayed because the DMV needed either 200 pre-orders or a bond to cover the startup costs, according to a New York Post report. So thankfully, Neil Pedersen, the owner of a bond agency, and John Feal, the founder of the Fealgood Foundation, secured the bond, the Post reported.

The DMV charges an initial fee of $85 and an annual fee of $56.25 for the plates if you go with an assigned number. If you prefer to customize the plate, you'll pay $116.25 up front and $87.50 every year. (These fees are in addition to your regular registration fee.)

The DMV will earmark $25 of the annual fee to support the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helps children, spouses, and dependents of people who either died or were permanently disabled in the September 11 attacks and the rescue and recovery efforts.

You can order the plates online, over the phone (518-402-4838), or at a DMV office but the agency says ordering online is faster and easier.