New York State now receiving license plate condition during car inspections for data collection

The next time you get your annual car inspection, you may notice that, as part of your results, you'll be told whether your license plate is in good condition.

The move by the DMV is part of an increase in attention on license plates, as drivers have been shielding them with plastic covers or obstructing them with bike racks to avoid paying tolls or being fined for red light and speed camera violations.

The MTA is also reporting an increase in fake license plates.

The agency anticipates that these methods will be used by drivers if congestion pricing is implemented.

However, the DMV told FOX 5 NY that plate condition will not be a factor in the annual vehicle safety inspections and will have no impact on the car passing or failing.

According to officials, the change was implemented in June 2023 to gather data and assess how many peeling, damaged or defaced plates are encountered during the annual inspection process.

The DMV declined FOX 5 NY's request for an interview and would not explain what the gathered data will be used for or why they need to assess the condition of plates.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story said that the MTA told FOX 5 NY that the plate condition would not be a factor. It has been changed to the DMV.