New York attorney general probes Uber data breach

The Uber data breach story has two parts. The first is that Uber was hacked and information from 57 million customers was stolen. The second part is that this hack took place a year ago and we are just finding out now.

While Uber learned of the hack immediately, customers were left in the dark for a year that they might be one of millions whose names, email addresses, and phone numbers were compromised.

Uber's new CEO is coming clean about the data breach and that the company paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the information they stole. And Uber trusts the good word of those hackers to have done just that, which is why Uber kept it a secret.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into the massive data breach. New York law requires companies notify consumers if their data is stolen which did not happen.

Some Uber users told Fox 5 that they can't believe the company was allowed keep this all a secret. They said a federal law should require consumers be notified when their information is stolen.

Because Uber is unwilling to name the customers affected by this, you can't do much other than to change your passwords, monitor your credit accounts, and that is about it.