New play 'Checklist' is a family affair for Bronx brothers

People are talking and laughing about the new romantic comedy and family-produced play "Checklist."

Made by co-writer and director Waled Burgos, along with co-writer and lead actor Khalid Burgos, the play is about a biracial couple, each with their own "checklist" of desired traits in their romantic partner.

"We try to focus on, that checklist is a fantasy really," said Waled Burgos. "You might not find someone with all the checks on your list, but you might find love, and if you find love, hold on to him."

The play was created from the ground up as a family-run operation, with other members of the Burgos family appearing in starring roles. 

"We’ve never done it before. Never thought we could do it. Didn’t know how to book or how many people were coming," said Khalid Burgos. 

But the pair, who grew up in the South Bronx, kept going and against the odds, have sold out 12 shows since starting their journey.

The pair say they are ready for what's next, taking the play on the road. They have even filmed a pilot for a sitcom loosely based on the play and are in negotiations with several networks.

"It’s been a seven-year grind, and we’re finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel," Khalid said. 

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