New 9/11 memorial in North Bergen

Sunday marks 21 years since the worst terror attack on U-S soil.

Several ceremonies will take place across the U.S. including in New York City to honor the nearly three thousand lives lost on 9-11. 750 New Jersey residents lost their lives during the terrorist attacks - of those, 155 of the victims were Hudson County residents.

Now, a new memorial stands to honor those victims.

It is located at the southern end of Braddock Park in North Bergen overlooking the city skyline. Fox5 was there as crews carefully secured the two pristine columns into place.

"The point is, so that people know and still recognize what happened on September 11th from here until another 100 years," said Anthony Vainieri, County Commission Chairman.

All 155 Hudson County residents lost on September 11th have their names listed on the columns. It also recognizes the bravery of Port Authority police officer Christopher Amoroso who was a North Bergen high school graduate.

"You can see his photo here, helping a woman out of the building," said long-time North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco. He says Amoroso went back into one of the towers and never made it out.."

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise hopes, that even after all these years, the new memorial can stand as a symbol of hope.

"After the attack when we weren't talking Democrat, Republican, we weren't talking liberal, conservative. We were talking to Americans. it seems as though we've drifted away from that over the last 20 years. But if I had a wish, we would go back to being a united country tackling problems on and off," DeGise said.