Nazi camp survivor meets soldier who liberated him

A 91-year-old Holocaust survivor in Westchester has the meeting of a lifetime Friday when he was introduced to one the soldiers that freed him from a Nazi concentration camp.

More than 72 years after his liberation from the Gunskirchen concentration camp, Nandor Katz met Alan Moskin, a G.I. who participated in his freedom on May 4, 1945. 

Moskin fought through France, Germany, and Austria. Eventually, he helped liberate the Mauthausen sub-camp where Katz was held captive. 

Katz was one of eleven family members from Czechoslovakia. Only four survived. Old photos that show a yellow star sewn onto Katz's jacket are constant reminders he is lucky to be alive.

He said he was looking forward to the meeting for such a long time. It was a day to remember the 6 million Jews who didn't survive but also a day to feel grateful.

In many ways, this was closure for the world war ii survivors. Both men say they chose to do this meeting publicly with cameras on because there are so many holocaust deniers out there. They say they hope this proves them wrong and helps contribute to making sure something like this never happens again.