Nassau County voters receive incorrect party registration on mailer cards

A mailer card was sent to nearly a million voters in Nassau County advising every one of them they were registered with the Democratic Party regardless of their political affiliation.
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says all mail cards will be corrected before the June primary. 

Blakeman is calling for a review of the procedures that resulted in the mistake adding the legislature may also investigate.
"People are upset because obviously they register with a party and the biggest reason is to vote in the party’s primary," he said. "The board of elections hired the vendor and basically if you’re a Republican and you get a card that says you’re a Democrat, and it’s an error don’t vote go vote in the Democratic primary."
The Democratic Commissioner of the Nassau Board of Elections calls it a vendor error and says the cards are being reissued with the correct party information along with an apology from the vendor.
According to the Board of Elections, Phoenix Graphics was contracted over a decade ago through a sealed-bid process. 

They will be paying for new printing and postage.
"It certainly seems to be inadvertent but feeds also public criticism about government officials - whether it’s competency, paranoia," said Lawrence Levy who is the Executive Dean of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University.
Officials with Nassau’s Board of Elections say they aren’t ruling out exploring other vendors in an effort to make sure this doesn’t happen again.