Nassau County police arrest gang members, seize guns

Nassau County police have taken more than 20 guns off the street since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Cops confiscated three of them as recently as this weekend.

"They were taken from 23 different gang members that have all been arrested — 10 of those were Bloods members, five of them were Eighteenth Street, five of them Rolling Sixties Crip, one was Latin Pride, Salvadoran Pride and folk Nation," Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said, listing the suspects' affiliations.

The most dangerous of the guns was a so-called street sweeper, which can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition, police said.

"Every single gun that's here, in my mind, represents lives saved," County Executive Laura Curran said.

The arrested suspects have been publicly identified because the investigation is ongoing. However, officials say they will all face time in jail if convicted.

Nassau County is sending a message to criminals: police haven't slowed down their work during COVID-19. They want the public to know they're out in full force.

"As you can see in front of you, these arrests, bad guys off the street we will monitor it but these arrests, you don't go walking out the door after a gun arrest," Ryder said. "They think we're not doing our job because we're out there dealing with protests and COVID. We came to work and we still did our job."

Officials said the majority of guns are from out of state. Each one will be tested to try to link open shootings and homicides. Crime overall is still down 7.5%.

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