Naked man in Times Square

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The man danced while atop the staircase in Times Square. Photo credit: Screengrab/ NYPost 

A naked man in Times Square who had eluded police all morning, jumped about 16 feet from the top of the TKTS booth at about 9 a.m.

The NY Post identified the man as Krit McClean, 21, a model from Manhattan. 

Police were trying to help him down from the awning as he yelled, " “Donald Trump where are you!”" when he ran from them.

McClean also danced high above the 'crossroads of the world' and said he was a virgin and loved his mom, according to the NY Post.





Cops set up an inflatable mattress along 7th Ave. but McClean missed the spot and landed on the street.

Police rushed to his aide and loaded him onto a stretcher. His condition remains unclear, but he could be seen moving his feet.

Several streets around Times Square were as crowd gathered at the scene.