Mylo app helps men pick an outfit

The men's fashion industry is growing, and it's expected to reach $40 billion in 2019. But despite all the clothing being sold, many men are still confounded by the basic process of creating the perfect outfit. Well there may be a solution now. It's called Mylo and it lies in the palm of your hands.

Mylo is  a new app that recommends an appropriate outfit for you in seconds. Simply inventory the items in your closet and enter your occasion and the weather, and Mylo does the rest.

Mylo's Founder and CEO Daniel Eckler said he's striving to free people of the burden they face every morning figuring out what to wear.

In addition to styling you with your existing wardrobe, Mylo also offers a curated selection of basics to supplement your existing inventory should the need arise.

But style expert and author George Brescia isn't sold.

Now of course Mylo is just getting started. Its CEO says the company hopes to expand into the women's market, too. And according to him, this is really a lifestyle decision. 15 fewer minutes spent on putting together an outfit in the morning could mean more time with the family, some exercise, or even a bite of breakfast.