MTV tight-lipped about locations for VMA performances

Live performances for the MTV Video Music Awards will be taking place all over New York City but MTV is being very tight-lipped about where exactly they'll be mostly so that big crowds don't come out in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the outdoor stages set up is rumored to be right in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

"We have a few different locations and we are keeping things spaced out obviously for obvious reasons, at the same time we are still going to keep that fan engagement," host Keke Palmer told Good Day New York. "I don't want to tell you too much, but the fans are still there, they may not be there in the obvious way but you still are going to feel that energy."

Palmer said music fans should still expect a great show on Sunday. This year's show was originally supposed to take place at Barclays Center. Now performers will be live on stages across the city but without an audience. 

"I have taken so many different COVID tests, I haven't been able to see anyone, but yes we are putting on a show, but apart from that is to try to also give us some entertainment and joy during this," Palmer said. "It's hard, difficult times, and this is our job just like anyone's job, we are trying to get things done and we are trying to get it done with respect to what's happening."

Some controversy has surrounded the show. VMA performers are exempt from New York's mandatory two-week quarantine for people arriving from hotspot states.

Margeaux Sippell, an entertainment reporter for the Wrap, said she believes that as long as strict guidelines are being followed and performers keep getting tested, the show must go on. It's a night so many music fans need to lift their spirits during these dark days. 

"It makes sense they would want to be in L.A. for as long as they can in their normal environment with their teams getting ready," Sippell told FOX 5 NY. "I'm looking forward to Miley Cyrus, to her performance because last year she had one of my favorites so I'm excited to see if she can top that with this year doing midnight sky and also to see Lady Gaga come back for the first time since 2013."

Viacom, MTV's parent company, released a statement to FOX 5 NY.

"We've put rigorous protocols in place including testing and screening, and we're working in close coordination with state and local officials to ensure all guidelines are being followed," Viacom said. "All performers and crew are subject to quarantine and testing protocols and remain quarantined when not rehearsing/performing/working." 

Viacom also said that all talent and crew must test negative before showing up on set.

Excited New Yorkers across the boroughs have been leaking rumored stage locations all over social media, so they shouldn't be too hard to find. But of course, if you do try to hear any live performances, keep your distance from others and wear your mask.

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