'Money Diaries' financial column and new book get personal

Cocaine on a Tinder date? You'll read about that in Refinery29's Money Diaries, a daily financial column where millennial women track their spending over seven days and share details about their rent, 401(k) accounts, salaries, and dating habits.

Refinery29 work and money director Lindsey Stanberry says the writer of the very first Money Diary back in 2016 admitted that she did coke with a Tinder date. That was the first clue that these diaries would get extremely personal and be a big hit.

Lindsey based her first book off these diaries. Refinery29 Money Diaries: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Your Finances and Everyone Else's is chock full of personal stories and really modern money advice.

Lindsey gets into tons of hot topics in the book. If you're dating someone and you have a lot of student loan debt, when do you bring that up? How do you have that awkward conversation?

Money is power to a certain extent, she says, so how do you sort it out if you're in a relationship where each of you earns very different salaries?

Lindsey also shares some very personal financial information. She writes about embarrassing things like getting laid off and taking a pay cut. She also writes about how she is proud of being good at investing in her 401(k) and that she and her husband saved $100,000 for their apartment in New York.

One great way you can start saving? Try the Money Diaries Savings Challenge, but don't go nuts on a budget.

Lindsey hates budgets because she says they make people feel really bad when they're trying to save.

Understanding how much money is coming in and how much you can afford to spend are both really important, but she doesn't think you need to be so regimented.

To hear more great financial advice and personal stories check out my Morris on Money Podcast with Lindsey.