Model who had both legs amputated leaves hospital in time for 21st birthday

Claire Bridges is seen in a hospital bed after her amputations and in a modeling photo from last year.

A model who had to have both of her legs amputated left the hospital just in time to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Claire Bridges was admitted to Tampa General Hospital on Sunday, January 16th, with severe leg pain and COVID.

Bridges, who was vaccinated, was then diagnosed with Covid Myocarditis, Rhabdomyolysis, mild pneumonia, Cyanotic, and had Acidosis, according to her family.

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She was very sick and weak.  Her heart stopped at one point and emergency crews were administrating CPR and were able to revive her.

The damage to her legs was too severe and doctors had to remove them.

Bridges finally returned home last week after the 2-month ordeal.

She had been documenting her journey on Instagram. She posted a photo of her with her caregivers just before she was released from the hospital.

"I sat up by myself today!! So stoked," she posted.

In a GoFundMe post, the family said:  "Claire also faces a long and challenging recovery, and our hope is to give her the best resources possible for her ongoing healthcare needs."

Her father told Newsweek he was thrilled that his daughter was able to be home in time for her 21st birthday.

"She is very happy to be home around family and friends," Wayne Bridges said.  "We had a cookout for her on Saturday, which was her birthday."