Mixed reviews for summer on Long Island

Whether you were at Jones Beach in Nassau County or Cedar Beach in Suffolk, Long Islanders were soaking up the last unofficial day of summer’s sunshine, looking back and reflecting on how it was overall.

If you didn’t stop to enjoy it, the summer for some may have been easy to miss.

"With COVID going on, I never stopped working," said one Long Islander.

What exactly does normal even mean anymore?

Some businesses especially those in seaside communities that rely on the weather did better than others. Hurricane Harry’s on the Nautical Mile in Freeport is one of the lucky ones.

"We have been fortunate this summer because we have an outside sea to my area, people still come around," said chef Norval McKenzie.

Bracco’s just a few doors down had high hopes of a successful summer especially coming off a rough year with the COVID-19 pandemic, but Mother Nature didn’t always cooperate.

"When you kinda lose Mother’s Day Memorial Day, July 4 had rain, you wait for the big weekends and holidays and it doesn’t happen," said Michael Bracco.

Jon Salubro, manager of Pip’s Ice Cream Parlor has noticed fewer crowds.

"On a weekend like this the whole place would be packed. I’d have to say, ‘Sorry, we don’t have any more of that ice cream’," he said.

People are banking on this Fall not being a repeat of last. They’re trying to stay optimistic by enjoying the day, the company, and the weather.