‘Miracle Pancake’ craze comes to New York City

We all remember the cronut— the combination croissant and donut that ignited a craze. 

Now, get ready for the soufflé pancake. Flippers is a Japanese chain, and their first North american outpost opened in SoHo Friday where some waited in line for hours.

“It’s a pancake sent from heaven,” said Flippers’ manager Jimmy Welleby.

The process is complicated, and one order takes about 20 minutes. 

“They put it down, with the griddle on, let it flow up a little bit, check it after a few minutes, then put another on top on it,” Welleby said. “So it’s double layered, [then cooks] put it back on another 5 min so its the perfect shape. Then the whole flipping procedure is also really, really meticulous and hard to do.”

“I’m expecting to see God,” one man said after placing his order. 

Their signature plates will run you about $20. Customers told us it was indeed worth the wait. 

“Amazing,” one woman said. “Like even better [than I expected.]”

“Ten out of ten,” said a man who waited for four hours.