Middle-of-the-night deal to raise NJ gas tax

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie is praising a middle-of-the-night deal to raise New Jersey's gasoline tax while gradually lowering its sales tax.

The plan would raise New Jersey's gas tax from among the lowest in the nation to among the highest.

The Democrat-led Assembly, with the Republican Governor's support, early Tuesday passed legislation that would raise the state's gasoline tax by 23 cents per gallon beginning Friday to fund road and bridge work.

The sales tax cut would be phased in at 6.5 percent on Jan. 1 and then would drop to 6 percent a year later under the plan.

Christie says it's the first broad-based tax cut for all New Jerseyans since 1994.

The measure heads to the state Senate on Thursday.

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