Mic: Media company for millennials

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For many the days of waking up and reading the newspaper are over. And if you ask millennials, they say they get their news from social media. With breaking news generally hitting social media first, the trending stories show what people care about.

But what exactly is important to the millennial? Mic, a news and media company for young people, believes it has the answer.

CEO Chris Altcheck co-founded Mic with his high school friend Jake Horowitz right here in New York City.

"We saw an incredible engery among young people who wanted to see the world improve, who had political ideas, who cared about what was happening in the world, but we didn't see that reflected in what was happening in the news or social media and both of those things were coming together in a pretty incredible way on mobile phones.

He spoke to Fox 5 about the vision for the company.

"We're trying to speak directly and authentically to 18-34 year olds in the U.S. who care what's happening in the world or are passionate about seeing change happen," Altcheck says.

Mic uses its digital platform to cover the news through the world view of what it believes a 26-year-old cares about: news and politics, social justice, science and technology, and ideas on "how to live a better life."

"We don't have to sit around and sort of say 'OK, what are the millennials doing' because most of our employees are millennials themselves," Alltcheck says.

He says the traditional left-right divide is not applicable to millennials.

"We're focused on the truth as best we understand it," Altcheck says.

Mic currently has offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Berlin. The New York office is currently in Tribeca, with plans to move to One World Trade Center in August.