Mayor signs law capping NYC for-hire cars

The mayor made his message loud and clear. A cap on the number of for-hire vehicles, such as Uber and Lyft, is now in effect.

"Are we going to let Uber and Lyft and all the other big companies tell us what to do?" Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

He signed legislation Tuesday that implements a cap for the next 12 months to study traffic congestion and the impact that Uber and similar companies are having on the city. The mayor was surrounded by Uber, yellow cab and black car drivers who support the legislation.

City officials have said that New York has seen an explosive growth of for-hire vehicles on the streets since 2015. Cab drivers have said that explosion is driving them out of business. At least six cab drivers have died by suicide since last year. Their families said the drivers could not fairly compete in the industry.

In a race to beat the Tuesday at 5 p.m. deadline for applications for new drivers, Uber held a signup. The line was out the door.

Uber drivers we spoke to said they support the city's cap limiting the number of for-hire cars.

Uber released a statement criticizing the City Council and the mayor.

"The council and the mayor rushed through a 12-month pause without stopping to think about the consequences for hard-working drivers who have been saving up to get out of a rental and into a car they own," Uber said.