Many Puerto Ricans relocating to Florida, New York

Within days of Hurricane Maria's assault on Puerto Rico, New York City Emergency Management set up shop at the Julia de Burgos Center in East Harlem to assist with a variety of things, including relocation.

The number of those looking to relocate is expected to go up as scores of Maria victims tearfully view their homeland no longer inhabitable.

Despite the increase, research by the Center for Puerto Rican studies at Hunter College showed that New York is not the top destination for those leaving the island, according to Edwin Melendez, the director of the center. New York is fourth behind Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The cost of living is the big reason why.  

Still for those that will come, the city is ready to do all it can with the transition, especially Maria's youngest victims—the children. Mayor Bill de Blasio has said New York will help them.