Man's house hit by cars 19 times

A car crashed into Ray Minter's San Jose home on Monday night.  For Minter, it's nothing new.  He says it is the 19th time a car has hit his home.

He's lived in the house since the 1950s.  He says among the crashes, cars have ended up inside his home four times.

He says this latest crash is one of the worst.  He estimates the car was going at least a 100 miles per hour when it went through his fence, two concrete poles and into the garage.  It crashed into his Honda Accord.

"First one shocks you.  And then, after that, as long as nobody in the house is hurt, you don't care because then everything's gonna get repaired," Minter says.

Minter and his mother were in the house at the time of the accident.  They were not hurt but Minter's cat is missing and feared dead.

Minter says the driver in this latest crash appeared to heavily intoxicated by was uninjured.

"We just stay in the back of the house and [laughs] watch everything," Minter says.  "Maybe put a ski ramp or something, I don't know."