Manhattan cafe welcomes dogs and their humans

Dogs and their owners will finally be able to dine inside together. New York City's first dog cafe will open this weekend on the Lower East Side. Boris and Horton is the brainchild of Coppy Holzman and his daughter Logan Mikhly.

"We both have dogs," Holzman said. "We both like to drink coffee and hang out in nice places."

The idea was born through an experience they had last summer.

"Last summer, we went to a place and one of us had to wait outside to watch the dogs while the other one went inside," Holzman said. "And we thought, 'We should create a place where you can go inside, have a nice cup of coffee, eat some food, and bring your dogs."

Working with the city's health department, they set up the cafe as two spaces. The cafe side is where customers can order coffee, wine, beer, and snacks with their dog. Then they head over to the dog side, which has a photo booth, merchandise, and adoption events on the weekends.

"People who are pre-approved adopters can come pick up their dog and go home with them and also take home some really great products from Boris and Horton for them," Mikhly said. "Or people who are just thinking about rescue or maybe just walking by can meet some adoptable dogs."

The owners did their research and intentionally chose a corner location near a dog park where a lot of dog owners will be passing by.

"Right by Tompkins Square Park, right by a lot of different subways, very heavy dog traffic, in a super beautiful sun-filled space," Mikhly said.

Dog owners looking for love may want to come by the cafe on February 13 for an event with a Valentine's Day theme.