Man rescued after jumping into Hudson River to rescue his dog

Credit: @NYPDSpecialops via Twitter

Sometimes, man's best friend needs someone to rescue them too.

While most people claim that they would do anything for their pets, one New Yorker recently proved this to be true. Unfortunately, while trying to save his beloved dog, the would-be rescuer found himself also stuck in a dangerous situation.

The NYPD Special Ops team tweeted out a message on Saturday about how the dog-owner had jumped into the Hudson River after his pet accidentally fell in. While he was able to keep the dog from drowning, the man found himself stuck in the water and unable to return to dry land.

The incident reportedly happened in Hell's Kitchen, near West 43rd Street and 12th Avenue. 

The NYPD’s Harbor and Emergency Service responded to the call after witnesses spotted the man struggling in the water and were able to tow the man back to shore, where he and his dog were lifted out of the water.

The tweet included an image that shows the dog owner being hoisted up onto a dock (with the dog safely tucked in his arms, looking very wet and unhappy).

The NYPD Special Ops team wrote, "Great work by NYPD Harbor & ESU rescuing a male that jumped into the Hudson River to retrieve his dog that accidentally fell into the water. The male was unable to return to land, responding personnel quickly removed both the man & his dog to safety."