Man hires live mariachi band, serenades wife sick with COVID-19 outside hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of people’s lives, but Santos Gutierrez refused to let it get between him and his hospitalized wife.

On Sept. 6, Gutierrez organized a mariachi concert on top of the parking garage at Medical Center Hospital, and made sure his wife knew just how much he loved and missed her after she was hospitalized there with the novel coronavirus.

A viral video shows him singing along to the live mariachi band and serenading his wife over FaceTime.

Gutierrez came up with the idea of a concert when he discovered that his wife was feeling down. His goal was to lift her spirits and he rallied family and friends to attend and make supportive signs.

His wife has been in the hospital since last week, but according to local TV station KXAN, Gutierrez delivers food to her every day and climbs the parking garage to FaceTime her for company for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I just wanted to show her some support and show her that we are still waiting for her to get out,” said Gutierrez to KXAN.