Lyme disease conference draws many experts

Lyme disease researchers, clinicians, patients, and advocates have gathered at a conference to discuss their single goal: curtailing and ultimately curing Lyme.

Mount Sinai researcher Savi Glowe was tasked with getting these brilliant minds in one room for the Lyme Mind Conference. This is the third year but the first to allow the public to interact directly with Lyme physicians and researchers.

To understand the significance of Lyme Mind, you need to understand how big a problem Lyme is and how little attention it is given.

This year's conference was such a success, there was a waitlist. That may not seem like a big deal if you aren't affected by Lyme, but for a subset of the population that has long felt ignored or misunderstood, the increase in interest from the medical community shows that Lyme disease is being taken seriously and that their concerns are legitimate.