Long Island teen gets college degree before graduating from high school

Bryan Diaz-Ximello is getting more credit than anyone his age because the senior at Longwood High School earned 93 credits at Suffolk Community College. Now he has his associate’s degree in psychology before even graduating high school.  

"When I walked that stage at graduation, it was truly an indescribable feeling," he said.

The 18-year-old plans to go to SUNY Oswego in the fall to pursue a degree in technology education. He’s one of just a handful of students in New York to earn this awesome accolade.

He also says he’s the first in his family to graduate college.

"It’s such a heightened sense of accomplishment knowing my name is part of those select few," he continued.

Bryan Diaz-Ximello in class at Longwood High School.

Bryan started taking college courses as part of a program offered to select students at Longwood High School but he kept going and managed to find a way to handle double the classes and workload. He hopes to finish college in two years and then come back here to teach.

"We can all point to a teacher or coach and say, 'I wouldn’t be who I am unless that person influenced me in some way, shape or form.' And I truly want to be that for students," he added.