Long Island factory makes millions of personal care products

It is one of the biggest leaders in home and personal care products manufacturing many items consumers use on a regular basis.

"Chances are if you walk into a large national retailer and buy a pack of facial wipes they were made right here," said Chief Growth Officer Ernesto Levy.

Hundreds of different counts, containers, and configurations of facial wipes are made inside a Radienz Living factory. The  Commack plant is just one of five manufacturing locations in the country.

But it’s not just facial wipes - baby wipes for private labels and their own brands including Sesame Street are manufactured here as well.

"You buy rolls of material that are cut into the size of the wipe, those are wetted with liquid, folded and packaged into brands you see at the store," Levy said.

Company-wide, Radienz Living pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales annually. In Commack, they employ about 250 people from well over a dozen countries.

"In facial wipes we do about 80 million packs annually and baby wipes about 35 million," said Director of Operations Ken Chmela.

They also make disinfecting wipes sold in stores including Walmart and Home Depot.

"Within three months we more than doubled our output in this site," Levy said.

Radienz Living ramped up operations during the pandemic. It switched production lines to disinfectant wipes to meet the growing demand for cleaning supplies.

Eight different manufacturing lines are spread throughout the 190,000-square foot facility. There are also labs where raw materials and finished products are carefully tested.

Start to finish, one pack takes about 30 seconds to make. And every 30 minutes wipes are checked for the correct liquid ratio, weight, and count.