Little town of Bethlehem: No holiday signs at intersection

BETHLEHEM, N.Y. (AP) — Some residents in a little town named Bethlehem are irked at local officials for banning holiday signs at a local intersection.

Officials in the suburban town just south of Albany have prohibited a sign saying "Merry Christmas" from being placed at the busy intersection and they had a "Happy Hanukkah" sign removed from the same corner.

The Times Union of Albany reports the town allowed a public display of a Christmas tree and a Menorah, but officials banned religious holiday signs so they wouldn't violate any constitutional laws.

About 10 people holding "Merry Christmas" and "Little Town of Bethlehem" signs turned out Wednesday night at the intersection to protest the town board's decision.

The upstate town named after the birthplace of Jesus Christ has a population of about 33,000.