Lifestyle consultant Klay Williams

Klay Williams is a lifestyle consultant who helps people live their best lives. But before he could help others discover their greatness, he had to discover his own.

After studying for his master's degree in seminary at Princeton University and working at Ralph Lauren, he wanted to find a job that would blend his love for ministry with his love for fashion. He came up with the concept Plan 'A' with Klay.

Holli Harrison is a friend who used Klay's services after losing her mother and best friend to cancer within five weeks. In need of a life re-set, she met with Klay once a week for a month. And at times, the process involved real emotional work.

Klay now has two self-help books, "There Is Only Plan A" and "Nightly Meditations." Both have gotten rave reviews from readers who say his ideas are helpful and practical.

The day I caught up with Klay he was holding a pop-up lunch session at an office in Midtown Manhattan.