Kitchen of the Future tests new kitchen technology

Welcome to Good Housekeeping's Kitchen of the Future.

Jane Francisco, Editor in Chief of Good Housekeeping Magazine, said the objective is to test everything and anything that's new and coming down the pike in the kitchen sphere.

This is where they test anything to do with food.

It's also a space where they create a lot of the food content for the magazine.

While we visited, the Good Housekeeping team was prepping and shooting pesto recipes for their September issue.

Jane said they're always trying to come up with new recipes and new ways to cook that are delicious, but easy too.

Good Housekeeping partnered with German appliance brand, Miele, on this new kitchen to find the next best things for your home.

There's a sink from Grohe, with a faucet that makes soda water, in addition to regular tap water.

You can turn on the induction stove by Miele without touching it, but if your kids get their hands on it, don't worry. It never gets super-hot.

Induction technology, Jane said, makes the surface of the pot hot rather than the stove itself.

Their wall of built-ins has a coffee machine that makes both cappuccino and espresso, and three different ovens.

Jane said the smaller steam oven is great for baking and broiling meats. It keeps moisture in and browns nicely, and is also a convection oven.

Their enormous freezer and refrigerator come in different sizes depending on how much space you have.

Plus, you can separate them, if you want to put the freezer further down your cabinetry or on the other side of your sink.

Whether they're looking at the latest appliances or testing new recipes, Jane said that at Good Housekeeping they believe that if they help you, you can do so many more things for yourself.

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