July 4 fireworks cause poor NYC air quality

While many New Yorkers enjoyed the annual Macy's Fireworks display on the 4th of July along the East River, environmentalists say the fun comes at a cost because fireworks temporarily create air pollution. 

Students from NYU took air samples from before and after the fireworks on the East River, and found high levels of air pollution after the show.

"The conditions were just perfect for worse. Air quality, low airspeed, and the wind really wasn't blowing this way or that way. So the concentrations were very high on both sides of the river," said Dr. Terry Gordon of the NYU School of Medicine.

Fireworks can also be harmful to our pets and wildlife. Flaco the owl in Central Park appeared to be disturbed by the noise of the fireworks Tuesday night.

Some cities have become using drones during big celebrations to reduce both the noise and the air pollution caused by fireworks displays.

"Drone shows offer a very unique solution to some communities that don't really have a great fit for traditional fireworks, some burn bands, some pollution, or both reasons for drone shows to be a great fit and replacement for firework shows," said Kyle Pivnick of Sky Elements Drones

Pivnick believes that one day in the future, drones may offer a safer alternative to traditional fireworks shows.