JFK Airport protest: Travelers push through demonstrators blocking Van Wyck; 26 arrested

At least 26 people were arrested Wednesday morning after an apparent pro-Palestinian demonstration blocked a portion of the Van Wyck Expressway inside John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Port Authority said.

Some banners read ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Divest From Genocide.' (FNTV)

Several demonstrators were seen holding banners reading "Free Palestine" and "Divest From Genocide," creating gridlock traffic and forcing travelers to exit their ride-share vehicles and cart their luggage to their gates.

The demonstrators blocked a roadway on the Van Wyck Expressway inside the airport, the Port Authority said. (FNTV)

In a statement to FOX 5 NY, the Port Authority said, "At about 11:30 this morning, PAPD was notified of protest activity on the Van Wyck Expressway inside JFK Airport. 26 arrests were made for disorderly conduct and impeding vehicular traffic. The roadway was reopened at 11:50. During the disruption, the Port Authority dispatched two airport buses, offering rides to travelers involved in the backup to allow them to reach the airport safely."

Dozens of demonstrators were arrested. (FNTV)

FOX 5 NY learned of similar protests in Los Angeles after chaos ensued when a group of pro-Palestinian protesters blocked traffic outside the entrance of the Los Angeles International Airport.

Heavy traffic was seen along Century Boulevard, and at one point, traffic was stalled on the busy roadway. LA Airport Police recommended those needing to get in and out of the area use Sepulveda Blvd, Arbor Vitae Street and Airport Way.


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators clash with police in Midtown: ‘Christmas is canceled’

Several arrests were made as protesters clashed with police near Starbucks on Park Avenue South in Midtown.

The protest took a turn when the Los Angeles Police Department got involved around 9:30 a.m. when the group attempted to block the roadway with cement blocks and other objects. As officers moved in, the protesters took off running in different directions, while others were taken into custody. 

By 10:10 a.m., officials said an estimated 15 protesters were detained. 

A FOX 11 crew at the scene said the group of protesters carried signs with messages that included "Ceasefire is not enough," and "Free Palestine."


NYC pro-Palestinian protests target major transit hubs: 'Bring banners, bullhorns'

Protesters are targeting Grand Central, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Penn Station.

FOX 11’s Gigi Graciette also reported some determined passengers ditched their rides and walked to the airport with their luggage to catch their flights on time. 

Traffic remained heavy in the area and the LAPD went on tactical alert for about an hour.

It is unclear if the protest in Los Angeles was connected to the protest in New York City.

FOX 11 Los Angeles helped contribute to this report.