Jets' Aaron Rodgers denies accusations he shared Sandy Hook conspiracies

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has denied recent accusations that he allegedly shared conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shooting, reports of which surfaced after independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. named him a possible running mate in 2024. 

Rodgers shared a message on social media, denying the accusations made in a CNN report published Wednesday. 

"As I’m on the record saying in the past, what happened in Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy. I am not and have never been of the opinion that the events did not take place," Rodgers wrote in a post on X. 

"Again, I hope that we learn from this and other tragedies to identify the signs that will allow us to prevent unnecessary loss of life. My thoughts and prayers continue to remain with the families affected along with the entire Sandy Hook community." 

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The accusation stems from an alleged conversation between Rodgers and CNN reporter Pamela Brown that supposedly took place in 2013 at a post-Kentucky Derby party.

Brown, who co-wrote the piece with Jake Tapper, was introduced to Rodgers, and the quarterback allegedly brought up the school shooting and claimed it was a "government inside job, and the media was ignoring it," according to the report.

Rodgers’ post, which was also shared on Instagram, was in response to the CNN report published after Kennedy confirmed that Rodgers was on his short list for VP. 

Rodgers has been outspoken about his support of Kennedy in the past. In October, he said during an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" that he would even team up with Kennedy in a debate against Travis Kelce, who he then called "Mr. Pfizer."

Rodgers’ statement on Thursday made no reference to Kennedy’s short list. 

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report.