Is Pride being co-opted by commercialization?

Businesses across the city are flying rainbow flags and selling Pride-themed merchandise as WorldPride visits New York City to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. However, some question whether or not the outpouring is being done out of love, or simply an opportunistic attempt to cash in.

“It’s great that there’s some recognition, but we’d much rather see people in corporations and businesses having favorable policies and treating LGBT people fairly than putting rainbow flags in their windows,” said Eric Sawyer of the Reclaim Pride Coalition.

“It’s about the engagement and loyalty over time,” said Larry Shannon-Missal, who researched the topic for the market research firm YouGov. “It’s about showing that the company is a true friend to the community, not that they are trying to piggy-back off one moment on the calendar that is big within the community.”