Ice cream sandwich for breakfast

If you walk down 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village during breakfast time, you may be convinced to switch up your morning routine. For $5 you can try the Sicilian breakfast ice cream sandwich at Pasta Flyer.

"In the city of Palermo, which is the capital of Sicily, there's a breakfast tradition of eating brioche rolls and stuffing it with gelato," Pasta Flyer founder and chef Mark Ladner said.

Ladner just decided to start making and selling these sandwiches every morning. Three types of gelato— strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, strawberry jam, and a fried brioche roll. 

"Made in the traditional Sicilian way. It's a little more robust, a little bit more bready than maybe a French brioche," Ladner said. "It's more airy."

New Yorkers have different taste buds and. therefore, very different opinions. Some told us ice cream for breakfast sounds fun and refreshing. Others told us they wouldn't be able to stomach such a breakfast.