Huntington offering drivers over $120 an hour to plow snow

We may not have seen much snow just yet this winter, but the season is far from over and if you have a plow and want to make some extra cash, one Long Island town would like you to give them a call. 

Huntington’s Highway Department is raising the pay for snow-plow contractors. Depending on the equipment they have, drivers can now make $122 an hour or more.

The town board approved a 22% increase in pay last fall. Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino says the town is looking for more than 100 seasonal contractors suited for the job.

"Somebody’s got to do it," Sorrentino said. "Gotta keep the roads safe. The outside contractors - we’re looking to get at least 250 if we can. Right now we have about 110."

With approximately 800 miles of road in the Town, officials needed to up the pay after losing people in past years due to pricing.

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"We wanted to make it competitive, so we could get people back," Sorrentino said.

The New York State Department of Transportation is also hiring this winter. Applications are being accepted for 30 full-time positions out here on Long Island, with another 600 positions looking to be filled across the state.

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As for Huntington, plow drivers don’t have to live in the town to apply.

"We can train them in the areas that we put them in," Sorrentino said.

However, the drivers are responsible for proper insurance and the cost of fuel.