Hundreds of sharks gathering in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas explained

A mesmerizing spectacle unfolded when a massive school of sharks swimming together in the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston was posted on Tiktok and Facebook garnering millions of views and shares.

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The sheer number of sharks made it difficult to pinpoint their exact species. However, according to the insights of Texas A&M University Professor David Wells, a seasoned marine biologist, the sharks seen in the video are likely blacktip and spinner sharks.

As Wells explained, although many shark species are solitary or travel in small pairs, it is common for others, like blacktips and spinner sharks, to aggregate in large groups.


In most cases, sharks rarely remain at the surface when they are assembled in groups. However, great migrations of sharks are not uncommon, especially when their hunt for food drives them.

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Contrary to the perceived rarity of this behavior, Wells assured that it was, in fact, ‘perfectly normal’ for hundreds of sharks to travel together.