Hottest toys displayed at annual Toy Fair

The New York Toy Fair brought toys from all over the world under the same roof. Fox 5 caught a sneak peek at some of the hottest trends this year. The toys brought innovation through technology to a whole new level.

People have seen connected play popping up in recent years, but light seekers brought your figurines to life which can be done all through a tablet.

Your toy is your controller. The character offers in-game tips and makes the gaming experience as engaging as ever.

However, if gaming isn't your thing, there will be plenty of other new toys hitting the market this year.

There’s something in store for everyone.

Stem products, like happy atoms, are once again on the rise this season. Like light seekers, tablet apps are part the equation.

Now, that you know about atoms, watch that education soar to new heights.

The ever-popular drone is also advancing, making it simpler than ever to build your own flying machine.

All of these innovations will flip your toy experience upside down.