Hip-Hop 50 Live concert preview: 'We make the crowd roar'

One of the biggest Hip-Hop anniversary celebrations is taking place on August 11 at Yankee Stadium. The Hip-Hop 50 Live concert has a superstar lineup from every generation of hip-hop. 

FOX 5 NY's STREET SOLDIERS has a preview for you of the stage show, behind the scenes, and inside the culture. To be sure, it's a unique moment in hip-hop's evolution.

Featured performers at the Yankee Stadium extravaganza on the actual birthday of hip-hop Include trailblazers Run DMC. Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube are repping for the West Coast. Atlanta's own Lil Wayne is showing up for the South. 

Legendary DJ and Grammy Award-winning producer Marley Marl is tightlipped about his set but says he will be bringing some surprise guests to the stage. He promises the hip-hop fans will be in a frenzy.

Months of planning went into making the Yankee Stadium concert a reality. Some of the proceeds will benefit the Universal Hip-Hop Museum. 

It's a labor of love for former Bronx borough president and board member Ruben Diaz Jr. He brought in hip-hop stars and prominent elected officials with local and federal funding to ensure the museum's long-term viability. He says it will be a reminder to the world that this growing international culture was born in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in the United States.

"This year, the 50th anniversary, what the museum allows us to do is to continue to tell the narrative, the story of hip-hop in perpetuity," said Diaz. "And it's going to have an education component. We're going to celebrate the elements of hip-hop, and it's going to be a global destination."

Allhiphop.com CEO Chuck Creekmur says the many events marking the 50th anniversary of hip hop provide a chance to look back, as well as find new ways to push the culture forward. 

New York legends like DJ Kool Herc and the Bronx's own Fat Joe will wow the hometown crowd. There's a Queens of Hip-Hop set featuring Lil Kim, as well as Remy Ma and other female greats. 

According to Marley Marl, women are bringing hip hop into the future. 

"I'm looking at these females doing their thing and hip-hop basically showing other females that you can make it in this game because it's been male-dominated for years," Marley Marl said.

We get more into this epic moment in Hip Hop on the next episode of STREET SOLDIERS Friday night, right after the 10 O'clock News.