Hearing held on Capitol Hill to examine FBI headquarters move to Greenbelt

The investigation into the new FBI headquarters continues.

A House subcommittee held a hearing Tuesday as a federal watchdog investigates the decision to move the FBI HQ to Greenbelt, Maryland.

The inspector general announced it's looking into how the Greenbelt site was chosen — despite an initial panel recommending Springfield, Virginia.

The investigation was launched in response to a Nov. 15 letter signed by nearly a dozen Virginia congressional leaders stating that the site selection process had been "fouled by political considerations and alleged impropriety." 


Prince George's County to become home to new multi-billion dollar FBI headquarters

Greenbelt, Maryland has been chosen as the location for the next FBI headquarters.

The GSA insists Greenbelt is the right location for the headquarters.

During the hearing with the House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, GSA Commissioner Elliot Doomes said, "Greenbelt was chosen because, as outlined in the decision, Greenbelt provides the best access to transportation and is the most transit-accessible. It provides the government with the greatest project schedule, and certainly offers the greatest opportunity to positively impact the Washington D.C. region."

The FBI says they don't necessarily disagree with the Greenbelt location but want to ensure the selection process happened by the book.