The Uptown Night Market returns in Harlem for 4th year, bigger and better

The Uptown Night Market, New York City's premier food festival, is back and ready to kick off its 2024 season in the heart of Harlem. 

Every second Thursday of each month from April to October, the market celebrates community cuisine and culture, from soul food to crafted tacos and everything in between.

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"We’re from Connecticut so to be able to get out and get some good food out to everybody. We do dumplings," Jocelyn Pollack with Grumpy Dumpling Co. said. 

"We bring the best to people, as I mentioned already, we cook with love. This is the jerk pork right here. You can taste it if you want," Rose Hill, the co-owner of Rostacy Jamaican Food told FOX 5.

He and his restaurant staff came back with plenty more to leave customers stuffed this year.

The Uptown Night Market has evolved into much more than just a food festival.

With 15,000 guests each month, the market boasts a platform for local businesses, from new startups to established eateries.

It's a food fest and fixture, boosting pride in Harlem, and growing bigger every year.

Those interested in checking out the Uptown Night Market can visit every second Tuesday at West 133rd Street and 12th Avenue in West Harlem.