Harlem Church hosts somber celebration of George Floyd's life

The face of George Floyd etched in a blanket hovered over the pulpit of Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem Thursday 3 years after his life was taken by Minneapolis police in an incident viewed by millions.

That somber celebration of his life included prayer, poetry, and music.

Terrence Floyd could be seen keeping his brother’s face close to his heart tonight during the service with Floyd’s image printed boldly on his black shirt.

"I believe it’s important to celebrate to honor him by honoring our background, our spiritual background," said Floyd. 

For the last 3 years, he and his family relied heavily on their faith as the source for evoking change. 

The services commemorating his death were filled with love unity and music aimed at spreading joy representing the joyful person Floyd is remembered as by his loved ones.

"My brother was a jokester. He likes to joke around, make people smile, laugh. He loved to see people enjoy themselves," his younger brother told FOX 5.

After Floyd’s death—The calls for police reform at the federal level were answered by President Biden through his executive order banning choke holds and restricting the use of no-knock warrants.

His brother acknowledges what he and his family see as progress.

"We had the president sign the executive order. We know that the executive order is not concrete when he’s not in office. That’s not a military secret but it’s change," said Floyd. 

"Out of George Floyd’s life a movement was born," said a participant during Thursday’s service. 

The family of George Floyd are hopeful that the movement keeps its momentum ahead of their trip to Washington in August to advocate on his behalf.