Gorilla hits pregnant woman in head with piece of wood

NEW ORLEANS -- A gorilla at a New Orleans zoo threw a block of wood into the crowd, hitting a pregnant woman in the head.

It happened at the Audubon Zoo.  Syliva Cressy, who is six months pregnant, says one of the two female gorillas picked up a block of wood that contained honey and other treats, and threw it out of the enclosure.  The gorilla, named Praline, is the larger of the two females at the exhibit.

The wood smacked into Cressy in the back of the head.

"It put a lump on my head," Cressy says.  "When it hit me, I kind of blanked out. It really took the wind out of me and I fell on my belly. As I regained consciousness, I was just worried about my baby."

The 34-year-old woman was taken to two hospitals for doctors to check both her and her baby for injuries.

Zoo officials says they are examining everything that happened around the incident, including claims by Cressy that she was not given proper care while still at the zoo.  The zoo says it is working to make sure Cressy gets the medical care she needs.