FTC: Robocalls are way up

Automated so-called robocalls are happening more often these days, according to report by the Federal Trade Commission. Robocalls have spiked about 160 percent, according to the FTC.

And people are noticing.

Paul Wagenseil, the senior editor of Tom's Guide, says that he, too, is a victim of the robocall. He says the callers use randomly generated numbers that change every few calls so they can't be tracked.

So what do you do to prevent getting called? You can put your number on the Do Not Call Registry. That will cut down the calls a lot, but not entirely.

Wagenseil says you can block numbers on your phone. You can also install an app that only allows calls from numbers in your contacts—but that means no one else can reach you.

So for those who get annoyed when it ends up being a robocall or telemarketer: just breathe and end the call.